Gear Indicator?

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Any way we can do a simple calculated gear display? When logging both RPM and Speed, a simple ratio of the two would provide the gear..... The user could enter the number of gears and the ratio for each. The user would have to go log some rpm and speed values for each gear and compute the ratio, then the code would test if the ratio was close to one of the gear ratios....

This would be a really cool feature!


  • aolaol
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    This is something that has been in my mind and I will absolutely be doing it!
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    Cool. I am actually thinking of picking up a teensy 3.1 board to read my gear position sensor, and translate it into a single voltage on one wire....Right now it is 6 wires....:(

    I might use the teensy to do some other things too....
  • Did this ever get incorporated?
  • It didn't. But it is still a good idea and on my backlog. Unfortunately there's only one me, and all the features need to be prioritised. Now that we have video overlays and all, I think this is something I should do in higher priority :)
  • +1 for a calculated gear indicator overlay
  • +1 but no need to go for a drive etc. Would just need a settings page to configure gear ratios and final drive yeah? I supposed the next thing people ask for after that is profiles so you can save multiple cars, the features never end haha
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    In addition to gear ratios and final drive, you would also need to know the tire diameter. But this just results in a RPM/Speed ratio that can be found mathematically by multiplying those variables together, or empirically as described below.

    Another approach would be a screen that lets you Calibrate 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. gears. Because the RPM/Speed ratio is a constant at all times in a particular gear, the user could drive in 1st gear, hit the 'Calibrate 1st Gear' button, then stay in 1st gear for a few seconds until a 'beep' is heard. Then shift to 2nd gear, press 'Cal. 2nd Gear' etc. Rinse and repeat for all other gears.
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    Just a bump on this. And to go further on ratios etc. This would not be complicated as working ratios and tyre sizes. As above, and possibly even simpler. A selection of how many gears, then a short test run from 1st to top and it would be easy for the software to work out which speeds relate to which revs and it should work with no further programing.
  • Hi aol,
    Thanks for the amazing work.
    Now that v5 is released is this feature back on your radar?
  • I could look at it again. The readers are getting faster allowing more accurate RPM/speed value.
  • Well not on my Daytona but that's OK, even the integrated one on the dashboard is laggy and buggy ^^
    I get about 2hz on rpm and speed
  • Yep, that getting faster bit applies only to vehicles with CAN-BUS ...
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