Serious-Racing and RaceChrono: testers needed

edited March 2018 in General is a website where you can upload your RaceChrono data, track your performance and compare with friends.

We are adding support for the RaceChrono .rcz format and need people to test this new feature. If you are using RaceChrono and want to give it a go, sign up for free on

You can either export your session in the .rcz format and upload it to the site, or tap share and upload via email. For full instructions, see the Upload page when you are logged in.

Let us know how you get on!


  • Tried to upload sessions... It seems that .rzc format is not supported. csv v2 format is not supported either.
    the only way I manged to make import work is csv v1 format for RC2AVI
  • Hi MAV,

    It should work, and I've tested it with both csv v2 and .rcz, but haven't yet had a very wide range of files to test with. There's probably something I've missed in your data - I'll take a look and let you know.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Ah, so it turns out it was a simple filename issue for the .rcz file. All my tests so far had been with files named "session_SOMETHING.rcz". It's now fixed to work with any file that ends with ".rcz". I'll still need to look into the v2 import issue you were having though.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Thanks for such a cool project. One think I'd like to see there is a progress bar on a map view, so user would be able to navigate across the lap.
  • Hi Rocas,

    We're working on an update to the map/graph pages, and are planning to include a progress bar/slider as you suggest. Hopefully won't be too long before it's available.

    Thanks, Tom
  • just noticed this after i posted about it on the Beta group, just 7 days late.
    Keep up the good work Tom, its Lee_svt you did a video sync for me and my bro of the Ring, dirty git is still 4th fastest, pretty stock mx5 quicker than a 325 vln racer and a 996 bet they wernt expecting that when the uploaded there data, rofl
  • Hi Lee_svt,

    Too funny! Yep, we're going to be adding in support for video syncing soon so anyone can do it - that'll happen as part of the changes to the map/graph pages, so hopefully shouldn't be too long now. For those wondering, you'll be able to link a lap on to a youtube video you've uploaded separately - you just tell us at what point of the youtube video your lap starts and we'd link them up.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Hi, Tom!
    Yes, indeed, I did renamed files before uploading!
    BTW, great site!
  • An improvement was to can chose where we begin the view on the map
  • Hi hexen,

    We're working on this right now, as it happens. Hopefully we'll be able to roll it out soon.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Hi, I did make a post on Facebook page about the timezone settings. I have found on further investigation that RaceChrono stores the GMT in the CSV export and not the device local time. aol, is there a setting or can it be added that RaceChrono will use the phone time or take phone timezone and modify the satellite time to be used for the RaceChrono exports?

  • I could add the timezone to the session metadata, but this is something that will not happen immediately.
  • Hi Antti,

    I'm happy to make timezone adjustment on my end if I know RaceChrono is giving times in GMT. If you have plans to change it to non-GMT at some point for other reasons, then fair enough, but if you leave it as GMT that'd work fine for us.

    Thanks, Tom
  • edited April 2014
    Tom, the times are in UTC and I have no plans to change this behaviour. I'm merely planning to add the current timezone information to the metadata, so the real timezone can be added for UI purposes. I think this could be handy if you go to different timezones to race...
  • Hi Antti,

    Perfect, thanks. That way we can rely on it always being in UTC, check for current timezone in the metadata and if it doesn't exist, just adjust based on the timezone that the track is in. This way it'll work fine before and after you add that to the metadata.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Or you can get the current timezone from the browser :)
  • Unfortunately that won't work. If I do a trackday in the US but I live in the UK it would break. Or if I live in the UK but am looking at my laptimes while on holiday in Australia that would also break. The timezone does need to be tied to the place you recorded the times.
  • We're ready to test our new analysis interface. If anyone would like to help by trying it out and giving us feedback, that'd be great. Let me know your username and we'll switch you to the new version.
  • why, not, my username : hexen
  • Thanks hexen - I've updated that for you so you should now be getting the new version of the interface.
  • In the view mod, when the mouse is in the bottom (scroolbar) a tooltip appear with : 0:NAN
    I I click in the scroolbar the play button don't work (before the click on the scrollbar le play button work)
  • I suspect that's a localisation issue, which I think I've now fixed, but will need to confirm with you. First of all can you confirm if it's now fixed? If not, let me know and I'll send you an email so we can resolve there.
  • Yes it's fixed
  • Ah great, thanks.
  • I'll beta test, jrodvball8.
  • Hi jrodvball8,

    Thanks, I've set you up as a beta user.

    Thanks, Tom
  • i'll beta test, username is sloppyjoe
  • Hi sloppyjoe,

    I've set that up for you.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Hi,

    I'de like to test also please.

  • Hi afairfield,

    I've set that up for you.

    Thanks, Tom
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