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Serious-Racing and RaceChrono: testers needed



  • Very nice.

    As a future plan I would suggest building an API that would allow third parties (like Race Chrono) to upload directly to the site via a couple of web services. It would drastically simplify usage which is key for user engagement.

    I like what I see a lot and look forward to what you continue to build. Best of luck.
  • Hi blindstuff,

    We'd certainly be interested in that in the future. At the moment the story from RaceChrono is pretty good (go to your session, click share, select email, and email it to uploads at serious-racing dot com), but it could certainly be improved.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Also, it would be nice to be able to rename sessions, and to delete them. I double uploaded a session while testing and now have duplicate laps.
  • I understand that tom, uploading is honestly super easy, but an API would make it less time consuming, just a suggestion.
  • Hi blindstuff,

    We'll be adding in archiving/deleting of laps soon, but the site should recognise duplicates and prevent them from being added. I'll take a look for you and see why this didn't happen.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Hey Tom,

    Found a security bug on Serious racing, i sent you an email to, take a look at it.

  • Hi Stefano,

    Thanks for letting us know. I've now fixed the security bug.

    Thanks, Tom
  • First time user of RC.
    Had no issues emailing my session from Phillip Island and creating a profile on Serious-racing. (Username WTRBOY)

    I do like a cycling app called strava where you can upload your ride on completion and compare with others. Maybe worth a look. I not much of a computer expert so its probably a large amount of work.

    Thanks James
  • Hi WTRBOY,

    Glad you were able to use Serious-Racing without issues. We (Serious-Racing) are in some senses quite similar to Strava - was there something specific that Strava does that you'd like to see on Serious-Racing? We're always interested in feedback.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Have registered on the site and uploaded 2 full rcz sessions from Phillip Island. Very nice site/tool. Currently uploading some other tracks (Winton, Sandown and Calder) to test.

    When I try to open my profile from the drop down in the top right it gives me a 404 error. Have e-mailed the link on the help page.
  • Hi sti04,

    Have fixed that for you now, so you should be all set. Have replied to your email. Thanks!

  • Been using the site a bit and got a few mates to signup who are all equally impressed. We're hanging for the next track day so we can upload our data while were there and compare sessions throughout the day easily.

    Not sure if this is an easy suggestion to implement but maybe add the ability to list the data source (hardware/app etc) ?
  • Hi sti04,

    Thanks! Glad you enjoy using the site.

    I've logged your idea of adding the data source as something we'd like to add in the future, will let you know as we're able to get time to work on it.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Is the speed graph only available?
    No lateral or longitudinal acceleration?
    Those acc graphs will tell you how you are actually driving.
  • Hi deadslow,

    We don't have those graphs yet, just the speed graph. Making it clear and easy to understand is our first goal, so having too many graph options seemed a bit cluttered, but I'll make a note that we'd like to be able to expose that at some point and we'll try to figure out a way to do that without complicating things too much.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Hi Tom, I upload a few sessions, the latest ones with a combination of a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and an external BT Antena QStarz 818X. Everything looks great, except sometimes on the map I seem to be running off track? :) Can you please check? thanks! Some user name as here, biker14, track is Estoril in Portugal.
  • Hi Biker14,

    Is it different from how it looks for you in the RaceChrono interface? We can only display the data uploaded, so if your GPS was out by a little it can seem as if you're off track. This tends to be lessened by having an external GPS (which you do), but can be made worse by elevation changes.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Hi Tom, yeah on the phone I guess it looks pretty much the same, I was kind of hoping that on the PC it could have some kind of correction, maybe the error is not on the GPS because it is external but on the map itself?
    Anyway I have been playing with the options on the site and it looks pretty cool! Keep up the good work!

  • FYI, after aol suggested the site in another thread recently I took another look. I've had a mostly dormant account for a bit (from reading this thread). Uploading an rcv file via email from the RC share function worked great, made it easy to get the data uploaded. I also played with the newish YouTube linking--that works nicely--and the ability to share to non-registered users. That also works nicely.

    A couple of comments. First, navigation to various functions is still rather clunky. I can get to the laps & editing them, but it's not convenient or very intuitive. Second, it would be cool if some of the other channels were made available; I'm thinking putting the accelerometer data in a line chart along with speed, and throttle position to start.
  • Hi Claudermilk,

    Thanks for the feedback. We haven't heard any issues about navigation so far, I must admit. Do you have an idea for how it could be improved, or can you give us some more feedback on what specifically is clunky for you? In terms of adding more data channels - we are planning to look into this at some stage, but have some more features coming up first. The hardest part will be doing so without over-complicating the interface.

    Thanks, Tom
  • edited July 2015
    Some of it may be just me needing to use the site more. For me navigating the site wasn't terribly intuitive. I found myself jumping in and out of various places trying to remember where I wanted to go. For example: when the system is processing uploads, I can get to the status screen from the email notification, but once I navigated away from that it was difficult to get back to it. While it was going, it also seemed to step on the normal What's New page. It would be nice to be able to replace the auto-generated track map; my first session was when using the crummy internal GPS on the phone, so the map is choppy. The newer sessions are using the Garmin GPS and generate nice, smooth maps. It would also be nice to be able to specify one of several similar tracks (the system does this automatically, picking the first one uploaded).

    Again, I suspect I just need to use the site more. It is very cool & improving, so good work! It's starting to fill the gap I miss in RaceChrono vs Trackmaster (their MyTrackmaster site is very cool).
  • Thanks for the feedback. Which track is this for - I'd be happy to regenerate the track map for you. Will take on board the other comments as well.

  • "AUTO CLUB SPEEDWAY, SPORTS CAR" Just a little OCD thing, but it would be nice to look at an accurate, smooth track map rather than my choppy first run at it (using phone POS GPS). Thanks!
  • Sure, I'm the same :) That's now been updated.

    Thanks, Tom
  • Hmm. Still seeing the choppy map (the URL shows an ID of 5018, FYI). I had a thought that I could just delete all the uploads thus far & start with a more recent one. But that led me to find I cannot locate any way to delete any laps I've previously uploaded. That would be a nice feature to add if possible. Also, an easy form of a "Contact Us" link somewhere would be a good addition. I found a couple of email links buried in the help and presume FB is where a lot of this short of discussion occurs.
  • FYI, I checked the site today & the map is updated. Thanks!
  • Ah okay. I meant to ask you to refresh your cache, so it sounds like it must have just expired in the meantime. We should probably update it so that when we regenerate an image we change the name so you don't need to do that. I'll make a note of that for us to do at some point.
  • Just discovered Serious Racing .com and seems pretty good and a cool option to to see my Rc laps on my iPhone.

    One problem I have is when emailing from my device (Sony Xperia Mini) never seems to work. It shows up in my uploads list but always fails. The only way to get it to work is to upload directly through the website.
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