Newbie help exporting data

Hi there - just started using this for our last few race meets and loving it - thanks for your efforts!

Now trying to find a way to analyse and use the data - my initial searches seem to suggest that exporting in VBO to CircuitTools is the best bet. I downloaded the latest CT (v2.8.2xx), but whenever I try and open a file that I've exported from the RC app, I either get a screen which seems to want me to set the S/F line and splits, or I get an error message saying it's missing a bunch of data. Then CT tends to crash out.

I'm running RC on IOS on an IphoneX-R, suspect that is irrelevant but just in case. I'm moving the files by mailing from my phone the PC. Also my RC source files don't have video - just timing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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