Import a copied session back to android?

I read a thread that said you could probably not undelete a session. But my question is if I have copied .rcz file sessions manually to a pc. Then I switch phone an reinstall Racechrono on a new phone. Can I copy a *.rcz back to my new android phone, and racechrono will detect it? If yes, where should I put the *.rcz file on the phone?

thanks in advance


  • Just open the .rcz file. If you copied them already to the phone, then browse to them with a file manager app and click them. If you have them in Google Drive or DropBox then you can open them directly with their apps too.
  • Hello AOL.
    Thanks it worked. I just opened it in EZ file explorer and Racechrono opened it automatically. And now there was a button to resave it so it shows up in sessions on my new phone. Thanks :)

  • Resurrecting this just to say thanks.

    I'm experimenting with an easy way to move the session from the phone I record on while on track to my tablet for easier review between sessions in the garage. So far seems to work. FoxFi on the Xoom to provide a hotspot, SuperBeam on the old phone & the Xoom to move files. Exporting to .rcz makes the process a bit easier so far & it's worked in a couple of tests.
  • Even better is to save it to your Google Drive (presuming you have one). Open the Drive app, find the .rcz file, tap it, and it downloads and opens in RaceChrono. No need for a file manager app or to download it/email it to yourself on each device!
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