Video and Audio Cutting Out

I have used the application along with a Go Pro Hero 3 for 5 track sessions. Of the 5 attempts only one has been perfect execution. 3 out of the sessions the video ended prematurely, additionally 2 out 5 the audio cut out half way through the recording. Any assitance as to a potential fix or setting that should be reset would be appreciated.


  • Thinking it may be battery related, will try using a fresh battery with each session next track day. See if that remedies the problem
  • The GoPro battery won't last long. If you record one hour you can expect the battery to run out. Also the GoPro 3 will drain battery even when not recording, the 5 is little bit better on that respect.

    If the GoPro 5 is inside a car, buy an ~ 20000 mAh USB power bank and keep the GoPro 5 permanently charging from it. The GoPro 3 will not work properly like that unfortunately. If your sessions are short, less than hour, then buy several batteries and a charger, and swap fresh ones on start of every session.

    Changing batteries is a hassle, so I'd just keep the GoPro 5 charged permanently, and buy a 200 GB card...
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