Hero 4 linking

I have been running the app on my galaxy s7 but upgraded to the S9. The method of adding the camera seems to have changed and instead of searching for the camera it asks for Wi-Fi name and password. What am I doing wrong?


  • Yep, it no longer search for the camera, as I'm no longer using the official SDK that got discontinued. After entering the Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password, it will work as it used to, except little more reliable I think.
  • I've rewritten the GoPro tutorial to reflect the v5.4 changes: http://racechrono.com/article/504
  • How do I find the said and password on the hero 4
  • It says user defined. How do i define it?
  • Sussed it!
  • Good to hear you got it sorted! Setting up the camera (and password and wifi name) is well documented by GoPro.
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