slow export processing speed

I'm currently using the Pro trial in order to become familiar with RC for an upcoming trackday on Friday.
Seem pretty good but one thing i can see becoming rather frustrating is the export video processing speed. I went out on the road with a custom track layout - 14mins total time across 2.5 laps; 2.4gb hero4 1080p file.
export processing took maybe 45mins using default values & hardware processing enabled which seems excessively slow. Phone is a HTC10 with a sandisk extreme 32gb SD card formatted internal so should have plenty of speed all round.
I'm planning between 2-3hours recording on the day (all sessions), so having 1/3rd realtime speed means the phone will be tied up 6-9hours.

what is an expected processing duration?


  • It depends on the phone and the source video bitrate, resolution and frame rate. I'd say 2-3x video duration is quite normal for non-highend phone. Best phones can do it faster than the actual video time for 1080p, but they too will get slower with 4K.
  • thanks, the HTC 10 was HTC's flagship phone in 2016 so was expecting a quicker export.
    hero4(silver) recorded at 1080p60, resulting in 15mbit/s bitrate.
    maybe i'll try the hero4 at 720p60 to see if that makes things quicker. I'm not sure i really need 1080 just to throw it up on youtube
  • Sure, it's a bit on slow side, but it's still within the "normal" export time I see on some other phones.
  • aside from the export speed being a bit on the slow side, i'm very happy with the features of RC. on the day, i ended up transfering videos between gopro & phone between sessions/over lunch, and then exporting on the drive home saved a decent ammount of time.

    other alternatives like exporting to racerender PC and having to manually sync the data&video feeds just didnt feel like the easiest way forward.

    Trail version was really useful to have, so i'm off to buy the pro version!
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