things that i can't find out

i trying this app ad an alternative to another known.
There are some things that o can't find in the display options:

- any way in live recording to view only the current lap with the difference because in motorbike it is hard to view a quarter of the display;
- any way to group the sessions in a trackday;
- any way to have the best lap of a track as a reference lap automatically;
- the application uses the accelerometer to establish the lean angle?



  • Hi @AlexS,

    1) No way to make it bigger than quarter of screen currently, but it's a good idea. Added to my TO-DO.

    2) Not currently, but I have some plans to improve the session list. Also you can "resume" a session, if you want to record everything on one day to one session.

    3) No, but it's a good idea...

    4) No, RaceChrono uses GPS data to calculate the lean angle (so it's theoretical). Doing real life lean angle calculation is on my TO-DO, but is not exactly simple.
  • Thank you very much for your reply!
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