Trackvision, Pandora, Racechrono problem

I've been trying to get Trackvision to recognise the Pandora csv export file with no success. I'm using the latest version Pandora, I've tried all the different Data Loggers in Trackvisions preferences but I never get a track map or any other data to load.

Please if someone can give me the setting to use it would be most appreciated.

P.S. I'm using a Qstars 818 as the GPS antenna.


  • Next beta will have direct TrackVision export. Will release before end of the month.
  • Great, I can't wait for there to be a Trackvison export function. I managed to figure a few things out with Trackvision and was able to get it all working, except for Lap Times in the dashboard. I think this is because it doesn't exist in the RC exported csv file. I'm still using the Trackvision demo so it might be that as it only last 30 seconds so not sure if it need a full lap to work.
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    I don't think you should need a lap time in the CSV, as TrackVision calculates it from the "timer markers". Did you set them by the way?

    I'm also testing the demo only, so I'm no expert. I seem to have other problems, can't get the dashboard on the video at all. The generated video is just plain video. Maybe some codec problem.
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    I used the Silverstone template from here which has all the markers or do I need to set new ones in Trackvision?

    With the dashboard/trackmap problem, I think I had the same thing. Make sure you install the file in the TV loggers folder ( which is invisible ). Then you need to select it in Trackvision's preferences.

    Hope this helps. The TV forum is a bit hit or miss on some info.
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    Did you mean the RaceChrono's Silverstone track file? If so, I think you need to set them in TrackVision as well. You when you click at the map, you get red dots on it. The meaning of multiple markers is beyond my understanding though... :-)

    I probably have different problem, as I'm using RaceChrono specific properties file. Also it seems to work on my friend Roberto's computer.
  • See the v1.01 beta for direct TrackVision export.
  • Great job again with the update. I'm using right now with the Trackvision import function. The only think I would love to see is a way to export specific laps, like laps 17-23 for example. I have been using Excel to delete laps and then with the Pandora converter importing it into TV. But with the RC csv once it's edited in Excel it no longer works with in TV.
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    It should work just fine, I think? This is, If you carefully remove just the lines you don't need, and leave headers etc intact. Just try again and tell me if still does not work :)
  • My bad, I was working on a Mac and Excel which doesn't save it in Windows format by default. Anyway I got it to work by saving it as that. But an option to export selected laps would be cool.
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    The TrackVision author was kind enough to create TrackVision support area for RaceChrono users to here:
  • Added "multiple laps selection for export" to the wish list so I won't forget it.
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