Log channels from MegaSquirt over USB OTG?

I got a little exited when i realised that MSDroid could connect to my MS3 over USB (no need for extra dongles, just a cable).
Then I got a little sad since I really like to have everything in one interface (preferably RaceChrono), always available in my pocket.

Could there be any way that RaceChrono could pick up a number of CAN messages over USB (or BT if you must)? Of course there must be some type of definition for every case (ECU, or whatever is sending the CAN messages), and this could be as complex as manual .ini-files (or scipts), especially in the beginning.

Getting extra boxes, converting CAN to OBD-II and then a dongle to send that over BT creates a hazle, and OBD-II cannot contain some channels (I think Oil Temperature is one that's not possible).

It's easy to dream up integration projects for others, but this sounds to me like a step up for RaceChrono as a product (Pulling data directly from ECU).


  • aolaol
    edited February 2015
    Unfortunately supporting the various ECUs that allow data output is unlikely. RaceChrono is quite niche app already, but the audience for these features would be much more limited. I think my time is best used to create features that benefit bigger audiences, preferably >10% of the current user base. I've been pondering implementing data plug-in API to RaceChrono, which could be used by users (who know programming) to add their own sensors to data. I haven't made decisions on that yet, but that could possibly solve the ECU data logging question that pops up now and then...
  • How about if MSDroid would forward the data/act like a datalogger and send/forward the data to RaceChrono in RaceChrono format ($RC1 or $RC2)?
    I dont know Android that well/ is there an easy way to send "Serial Data" from a application to another application inside the Android device? Kind of internal COM port traffic.

    Then MSDroid would handle the ECU part also in the future, and RaceChrono would just connect to "devices" and receive the data from "external" sources; inside (applications) or outside (GPS, dataloggers) the Android device.

    I hope you get the idea...
  • Yep, in the simplest form the API could be like that, although the binary->text->binary conversions are unnecessary. The API could be simply feeding new channel values through API callbacks.
  • It would be great to have the ability to add a CSV LOG to be able to insert in the video
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