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Hi ,

is it possible to add sjcam wifi series in order to auto sync with racechrono data ?

tried to use the gopro settings but cant change the cam ip settings in racechrono to check if same commands work. (no dots can be applyed to ip address)


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    Oh, ok I'll fix that no-dots-problem. Did not see that. I don't think same commands will work though. I wonder how popular sjcam is? Supporting a camera can be quite a bit of work, so I can only support few most popular ones. I should probably do a poll which cams people have.
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    well thanks.
    since they work the same way , finding the commands for the sjcam wont make it easy to support it ??

    for example i have found these :

    To start the camera recording:

    To stop the camera recording:

    To list all the current settings on the camera:
  • btw..just making the camera to start and stop recording only would be great as i think most ppl will just want to sync the camera with the data.
  • checked with the go pro settings using the right ip address , but doesnt work since go pro uses other commands.
    Just to inform people.

  • I 'm also interested to compatibility with my Sj4000 WIFI
  • I would be very interested in SJ4000 Wifi Support as well
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    Unfortunately the SJ4000 API is not public, and everything needs to be reverse-engineered. Start/stop alone is not enough to make a proper support, also camera status, current file name and other commands are needed, to create the sync points. The API will probably change on every new version. It has been a lot of work doing this for GoPro support, so I'll probably decide against doing it on any less popular cameras. I'll rather use my time with camera manufacturers that release their API publicly.

    Notice: SJ4000 video files can still be used with RaceChrono, just need to start/stop and sync manually.
  • Ok. How much work is it to get a video synchronized manually? I want to use it on a motorcycle, so I just have GPS and no OBD-data and can't give myself a hand signal like in the example video. Do you think it's still practical?
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    Well certainly easiest is OBD-II RPM channel against sound, but you can do speed against sound, or a landmark visible at satellite images against the video. Many ways you can sync. Not that much work once you get hang of it, but obviously automated sync points are always easier.
  • I also have the sj4000 wifi and would like to see it supported
  • Im also interested on campak action camera support. It is the best seller at Amazon.
  • Yes, SJCAM cameras can connect to a mobile phone with Android or IOS systems or a Panel computer via IP of WiFi Routers
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