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I use RaceChrono with an small and cheap Android device (Archos 35b) for recording and displaying on the track, and with my Samsung Note4 for displaying and analysis purposes afterwards. On both devices, the Google Earth pic differs from the lines recorded by RaceChrono (see example at It seems like the recorded line is shifted some meters compared to the satellite photo. That prevents me to improve my manner of driving since it is difficult or impossible to see exactly where I've been on the track.

So I'd like to see a way to shift the satellite photo so that it matches the recorded lines. Or to shift the recorded lines to match the satellite photo... ;-)
Do you think that this is possible?


  • aolaol
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    Theres no such feature, currently atleast. It's always hard to tell if the satellite imagery or the GPS data is slightly shifted, but I guess it doesn't matter much, just needs an offset setting.
  • Gongrats on the near perfect gps reception, rarely I see such smooth line ;)
  • Thanks, it's just a Qstarz BT-Q818XT, set to "10" Hz, a small track that is not really fast, and the weather was fine.

    I also guess it just needs an offset setting, and I think that it doesn't really matter if the photo or the recorded data is shifted. I am sure I would never detect... ;-)
    Do you think you can do that?
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    +1 I would love a feature like this - I use Racechrono on short karting tracks, android phone with a Garmin GLO, I get very good timing accuracy (usually within less than a tenth of the track's transponder timing) and the lines recorded usually look consistant, but just slightly off-sync with google mpas - and a feature to shift the google earth picture by a static offset would be great.

    Thanks for a great piece of software though - I think i've been able to improve my times in hire karts significantly, and actually find the analysis easier to draw conclusions than with a Mychron 5 in my rotax
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