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Silverstone GP circuit

I'm going to be on track at Silverstone this weekend and it looks like the track in the library still uses the old (pre-2010) start/finish line between Woodcote and Copse corners. The Google map in the background is also still from that time! Does anyone have an accurate location for the current start/finish line by the Wing pit complex between Club and Abbey corners?

If not, I'll edit when I'm there, but not sure whether I will get a chance to stand still on the actual start/finish line. Since the background image doesn't have the line visible I can't just set it by eye.


  • You're correct, looks like the start/finish should be about where the "Club" split is. I didn't realise this at all, even though there was some changes done for the 2010 layout :)
  • Yep, I have just renamed the Club and Start/Finish from the library map and swapped the types over.

    I've just heard back from Silverstone on Twitter that the actual GPS coordinates for the start/finish are 52.069220, -1.022270
    Is there any way to set traps based on coords (or check the coords of a trap that's already set)?
  • edited February 2017
    Excellent. I've changed the Silverstone GP and Silverstone International start line to those coordinates. Make sure you delete and then re-download the track from the library. Notice, it might take an hour for it to update in the library.
  • Got the new one now, thanks for updating!
  • It turned out that even though we were on the 'new' circuit layout, we were using the 'old' pits and start/finish line so I switched the traps back again on my local copy!
  • Ok, I'll make the old pit location available too.
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