RaceChrono Pro(Android) and Hondata FlashPRo(Bluetooth)

hi everyone,

anyone here has experieicne using RC pro with flashpro as OBD2 reader? If so, can you share your experience or post some videos or picture


  • No personal experience, or anything I've heard from users, but what you can do is can ask the manufacturer if the reader is compatible with ELM327 command set. If it is, then it's possible it works.
  • good news! i got it working. the only thing is the AFR. it read 0.8 to 2, would prefer to have it like 11.00 to 17.00. is there a way i can change the unit of measurement?
  • here is the video of Racechrono with Hondata Flashpro:
  • aolaol
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    Very good. The channel is actually "Fuel–Air commanded equivalence ratio".

    To get a gasoline engine AFR reading, following calculation needs to be done: "To obtain the actual air/fuel ratio being commanded, multiply the stoichiometric A/F ratio by the equivalence ratio. For example, gasoline, stoichiometric is 14.64:1 ratio. If the fuel control system was command an equivalence ratio of 0.95, the commanded A/F ratio to the engine would be 14.64 * 0.95 = 13.9 A/F"

    I assume the value 2.0 is "unknown".

    I will fix this soon, and add separate "Gasoline engine Air/Fuel ratio".
  • Thanks man! However, AFR apparently was up to one decimal point hence, unable to capture a more specific reading.
  • Yeah, that's no good, need to have one more decimal. The exact value from OBD-II is saved but just not displayed correctly in the gauge.
  • I shall wait for your fix and hope it can happen real soon. Thanks AOL
  • Hi AOL,

    Any update on the additional decimal point?
  • aolaol
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    It's in next major update, which is v5.1. It will take a while longer as there's quite a few new features! I'd say 2-3 weeks programming, 1 week testing and then in (public) beta group for couple of weeks.
  • Thanks. This is great!
  • Hi, I Need to connect racechrono pro with hondata kpro V4. Is it possible? If so, how can I do It?

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