RaceChrono Pro ODB2 Results

Purchased an bluetooth ODB2 device for my triumph daytona 675 which works fine but I have noticed some odd results with the app. Here is a video I have put together to show you:

With regards to the throttle, you can see it registers 100% throttle before backing itself off slowly and acting a bit laggy.
Also the RPM's do the same, the bike revs to 15k but it only reads up to 13ish. I can't tell if it is delayed or not.

Just wondering if this is related to the app or the actual OBD2 reader? Maybe the bluetooth connection can't physically transfer the data fast enough to the phone?

If this is true, do you know of any devices that I can plug into the bike via OBD2 that will record and store the data? Can that even be imported into my session on the app?

(Awesome app by the way, lots of videos on my channel showing the app off).




  • aolaol
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    The video will look like that when the channels' update rate is slow. The data points in the between of real data points are interpolated.

    How many channels are you recording? The bandwidth is shared by the channels, so if you record 8 channels, it's 4x slower than recording only two channels. The "low speed" channels are polled infrequently so that does not affect. If possible move some of the channels as "low speed".

    OBD-II doesn't use very much Bluetooth bandwidth unless you're getting very high update rate. Also the maximum update rate depends on OBD-II reader used, but it still should be fast enough to get nice RPM and throttle.
  • That makes a lot of sense, I was recording loads of fast channels as it was the first time and was interested in the data. I will try again with RPM and Throttle as the only fast channels. Thanks again!
  • I am having similar problems. Also with a Daytona 675.

    Here is a video of mine:

    I have the same problem of unresponsive OBD signals and falling RPMs and Throttle signal despite the Throttle being wide open.

    I only have RPM and Throttle Signal as a Fast Channel. So this is not the solution.

    Do you have any tips aol?

    Thanks in Advance
  • @matt123red did you resolve the issue? Here's another user with same bike and problem.
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