Synchronization session timing on two phones

Hello to all
how can I get time sessions recorded on a mobile phone even on another phone with the same RC app installed on both devices?

Grazie mille ciao!


  • I don't understand the use case. Can you explain more?
  • Okay, I used RaceChrone with my usual smarphone (A). Then I installed RaceChrono on another smartphone (B) and on both devices I logged in with a single user name. Is there a possibility to use RaceChrono indifferently with (A) and (B) and synchronize the same list of timing sessions on both devices?
    Thanks so much
  • Ok, now I get it.

    There's no cloud sync feature right now, but this is planned for future versions.

    Currently you can press "Share" from session overview top menu, and share the resulting .rcz file to DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud etc. Then you can open and save the session from the other phone.
  • Very well!

    Thanks so much
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