graph setting X/Y

i have a question in graph setting when i compare my fastest lap against slowest lap, i select X-axis as time, then i can see the 2 arrows of fastest & slowest, i can see the gap between them which is good, however why they both arrive the finish line at the same time? their lap delta is 34 sec difference, isn't the first arrow should arrive first, while the slower arrow should arrive after 34sec?


  • Because of comparison scaling. The comparison lap is scaled to match the main lap, so the graphs can be sensibly compared. You can turn it off in the graph settings, although the graphs will no longer be in sync.
  • ah yes i saw that, the difference is show below, please make X as time and Y as distance. as if im watching an actual race replay, and if you can insert a play button, so no dragging is need. thank you!
  • Distance as Y-axis is on my TO-DO list.
  • thank you sir! this app is really a big help inside the track
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