RC Used The Wrong Track

I was using RC on Monday at Pannonia Ring and normally there are no problems when I do not manually select a track (I let it choose the track when I pass the start/finish line).

Problem is that my last session of the day was recorded at "Pannoniaring" and not "Pannonia Ring". I only noticed this today when uploaded to Serious Racing.

What happened and is there a way I can correct it?


  • It's "Pannoniaring" in RaceChrono track library, so that one comes from there. I figure you have also "Pannonia Ring" on your "My tracks" list? RaceChrono selects the one that you pass the Start/finish line first for.

    You can change the track afterwards, just tap the round button on your session overview that says "Pannoniaring".
  • Well I've learned something new today. Had no idea I could change the track like that.

    Many thanks.
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