Can I send RC3 data logging lines over wifi like over BT?

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You can now connect RC to a WiFi based GPS. I am noodling with FreeRTOS and an ESP32 and considering porting my custom data logger code it. It has BT but wifi also exists and I am thinking there would be more bandwidth as right now I seem to be bandwidth limited over BT on quantity of logging.

If I can include RC3 lines is it just a stream like BT? Is it UDP or TCP?

Thanks, Jeff


  • Unfortunately it's only GPS sentences with the current "Wifi GPS receiver" setting. I have a TO-DO item for adding WiFi device that can output NMEA 0183 and RC2/RC3 sentences. It's TCP.
  • Thanks for the answer. I'll code to be configurable how the data is sent so when you get to that point I can use it. This is going to be some off-season learning and coding so won't be ready for a while anyhow.

    If I send data over both channels and the timestamps are added with RC merge the data streams based on timestamp? ie GPS over WiFi and data logging over BT? Just curious

    Thanks, Jeff
  • aolaol
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    If you have separate streams for GPS and RC3, then you need to have the "count" field for the RC3 sentences. RaceChrono will interpolate the timestamp based on that. If the sentences are in the same stream then a "timestamp" field is required instead. It does not hurt if you have both fields.
  • Aol, may you please expand on the "GPS Sentences" RC is taking via WiFi? I've tried NMEA and it connects but stays "waiting for data" forever, no debug. Thanks
  • aolaol
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    @cleberam There's no difference in the stream between bluetooth and WiFi, it's standard NMEA 0183 format. Make sure you have lines ending in \r \n (0x0D 0x0A) characters.
  • And to add to Aol's comment, make sure you don't have a double \n. I had issues when I terminated my lines with \r \n \n. Otherwise passing the GPS NMEA straight through from your GPS module should work fine

  • @J_D_W you got it! Thank you so much!!! Now fun begins...
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