Pro version on seperate phones (Android)

Hi, I've got two phones, both of which I use with RC and both of which are currently running the Free version. If I upgrade to Pro via one phone, will the second phone be on Pro too? In other words, is the Pro version attached to my login or to the device?
Big fan of this app, it's brilliant.


  • aolaol
    edited September 2017
    Hi, the "Pro upgrade" in-app purchase on RaceChrono app, and the separate RaceChrono Pro app license is tied to your Play Store account (or App Store on iOS). Important thing to know is that the upgrade method will be same on your phones, so if you purchase in-app "Pro upgrade" for RaceChrono app then you need to install RaceChrono app on the other phone too. And if you purchase RaceChrono Pro app, then you need to install that on the other phone.
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