GoPro + Wifi GPS

I'm trying to have 2 wifi devices connected but the software prevent me from doing this...

GoPro in AP mode
Phone connect to gopro
wifi GPS connect to go pro

Can this be fixed?



  • aolaol
    edited October 2017
    Currently this is not supported use case at all.

    I guess the problem is the settings do not allow two Wi-Fi devices to be configured at the same time? Not sure if the GoPro support will allow it, but I could test it I guess. Which phone do you have and which GPS?
  • The gopro does support multiple client surprisingly! I tested that on a Session 4. I'm doing this on a Nexus 5x with a dyi WIFI gps.

    Phone connect to gopro: IP given
    GPS to gopro: IP hardcoded by me
    Gopro: IP default

    Racechrono just tell me that it have to disable the other connected wifi device when I active the other. Do you manage the wifi connections from your app? In my case I connect to the gopro myself from the wifi settings.

  • Hi,

    For GoPro the connection is managed, but not for the Wi-Fi GPS. To in theory this might work if it allowed the setup. But I need to test it myself before I can enable it.
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    I got it to work myself but the GPS data was unstable after all.

    This is how,

    1 - Add gopro device to racechrono
    2 - Add gps device to racechrono. Say yes when it ask to turn off the gopro.
    3 - Activate Gopro wifi
    4 - Connect android wifi to gopro AP manually
    5 - Start recording in racechrono
    6 - go to camera tab then select the gopro and press record.
    7 - connect wifi GPS to gopro

    At 5hz the data was dropping a bit every few seconds. At 10hz it was just failing. Not sure if the gopro cpu or the data bandwith is to blame... I'll try a lower resolution and framerate.

    edit: you cant record and stream the video at the same time on session 4 at 1080 and 60 fps. I'll try lower see if that work.
  • at 5hz it work if the gopro is at 720 30fps. Not a good option after all... :(
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