Reducing storage space

RaceChrono is using up more than half of the storage of my 128GB phone, so I'm looking for advice about how to reduce storage space.

Ideally I'd like to keep most of the driving videos. There must be a lot of video recorded waiting to start, in between sessions, etc., so is there a way to delete just those boring waiting videos?

Another option would be to transfer the files off of the phone. However, I don't think I can playback with graphs and laptimes like inside the RaceChrono app.



  • aolaol
    edited November 2017

    Look at your session's video list. RaceChrono saves the videos in 2-4 GB pieces, and you can just look for a video files from the list with no meaningful content, and delete them. There is a menu button on each video file, with delete option.

    On the session's video list, there is also an overall list of videos storaged in RaceChrono. You can also go through that and just delete the ones that seem to have no meaningful content. They will then become unavailable for the sessions that have linked them.

    Notice: If you have linked video files from GoPro with chapter files, such as first GOPRxxxx, MP4, second GP01xxxx.MP4, you can only delete the last chapter file in the chain! If you delete first or in between, the files after that will become unavailable too.
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