How to connect gopro hero 5 GPS to racechrono? Please help

I have a hero 5 and have connected the gopro camera to RC fine (recorded some video to make sure) but cant get the GPS signal from hero 5 to RC. In the settings I added the hero 5 as a bluetooth gps receiver and it connected in the settings. But it wont pick up a GPS signal no matter how long I wait.

How am I supposed to connect the GPS signal from gopro? I really hope I dont have to get a separate gps receiver because the hero 5 gps is 18hz already good enough for the racetrack.

Thanks in advance


  • AFAIK, the GoPro HERO 5/6 Black GPS cannot be connected "live" via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. I've looked in to this and I have not found a way. The GPS data can be read afterwards from the video file, and I'm working to allow this to be imported to RaceChrono, but it will work only after recording.
  • Is it now possible to read the GoPro god data from the video? As an IOS user the External gps options are pretty limited and this would be a good alternative for me
  • @rossual, I'm working on this.
  • @aol any update on this? thanks
  • aolaol
    edited May 2019
    RaceChrono Pro v6.0 will have this. Android version will be in beta in a week or two, iOS version soon after that.
  • Hi, any updates on this ? I still can't use my gopro as a GPS receiver on my android ? That would be so awesome
  • @jbr You can still import GPS data from the GoPro files, but using it as Bluetooth GPS "live" is still not supported by the camera.
  • Any chance we can import just the gps data from the file and sync to existing telemetry + video files. Does iOS/android support this?

  • @johnkim715 Importing with "GoPro sensor data" import type extracts the GPS data from the video files, and creates a new session with it. This works on both platforms.

    The imported sensor data cannot be merged with existing session.
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