How to export my old session to my new device?

I'm new here but using Race Chrono already for a few years.
In combination with an Qstarz 818XT until this year an Samsung Galaxy Ace was mountet to my Racebike.
On the Ace the Version 4.2.4 of Racechrono is running and the phone still uses Android 2.3.6
So as this isn't up to date and I replaced my S3 Neo by a New A3, I now want to transfer all my old sessions to the Galaxy S3 to use this as my new Laptimer.

Few years ago it was very simple, I just hit the share button in racechrono and send the .rcz file via bluetooth to the next device and could open it from the filemanager and save it to my sessionlist.

But now ist says, that my phone knows no app to open .rcz files... on both phones, the S3 still using racechrono testversion, and the A3 using race chrono pro.

How can I get my old files to the new phones sothat I do not lose all my Data..

Best regards, Christian

PS: on the Ace I'm logged in, but the playstore does not work any more on this phone sothat it does not refresh my account to the Pro version.


  • Hi, try sharing the sessions to Google Drive or DropBox using the apps, and then opeming from there. It should work like it used to.
  • Thank you, but dropbox wasn't an option, as the playstore does not work any longer on the galaxy Ace and therefor I can't install that.
    I now got the problem fixed, by not sharing the session, but digging into the racechrono system folder ( \phone\Android\data\\files\session ) and simply copy the original session-folder to my PC. Then I put this by copy-paste into the system folder on the S3 and my A3. That worked fine.

    But it seems, that there is an issue with the detection of .rcz files. Even if I share a session between my Tab A with Android 7.1 and Racechrono 5.1.4 to my A3 also using 5.1.4 via bluetooth, then I'm able to open the sent .rcz file once out of the incomming files directory, but if I want to open the file later form the download folder, it says that there is no app to open this filetype.

    Best regards, Christian
  • aolaol
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    Yes, opening from download folder can be problematic, as the filename extension detection in Android is broken... It still should work fine when opening from apps like Google Drive and DropBox.

    For next major version there will be an option to open an .rcz file from within RaceChrono, so file detection problems can be worked around.
  • Thanks very much, that would be great!

    Awesome work, keep it going. Now with the new phone and racechrono pro I startet to use the video overlay on my old sessions. And it gets me great advantage! Esspecially the realtime laptime comparisson with the fastest lap is awesome!

    Best regards, Christian
  • Hi
    I changed phone and therefore needed to move my sessions from the old to the new one and I used MPE (MyPhoneExplorer from FJ Soft) and it's easy to move the session files.
    I'm using RaceChrono 3.33

    Connect MPE to the old phone and find the folder RaceChrono in the Internal Memory under the Files menu on the left hand menues.
    Select all files and folders and Download files (blue arrow) to a empty folder on your computer.
    Once finished, disconnect the old phone and connect the new one.
    And copy the files from the computer, dragging the folders works fine.
    Then open RaceChrono in the new phone and tap on the Sessions button and then the update icon in the upper right hand corner. Then all older sessions will be visible.

  • For some reason my install has a sessions folder but not a tracks folder. Where are they kept? My sessions do no good without the tracks. My tracks are autocross courses.
  • Tracks are kept in json/tracks.json file
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