Very low update rate.

Just uploaded race chrono on my new Huawei M3 tablet. My Qstar 818XT GPS will connect ok but the update rate is slow.
On initial start the rate will start at 10 hz than drops to less than 1hz usually .5.
I have tried the bluetooth fix in settings with no help.
Everything worked fine on my previous tablet as of a month ago.

This is very similar to a problem I had with Petral Data's Solo storm app on this new device. It would connect at 10 then drop to one then disconnect. It would repeat the sequence every couple of seconds. He fixed the problem with a new build that addressed an issue with the bluetooth radio going to sleep.

Any Ideas?
Current version is v5.1.4
Huawei M3 with android 6.0



  • But it does not disconnect, right? I have the Qstarz receivers and it's really hard to resolve this issue, as it sometimes happen and sometimes doesn't. I think it's somehow related to the flow control. If you use the Qstarz USB tool to set the update rate to 5 Hz the problem should go away.
  • Correct, it stays at the .5hz rate. So no way to get a 10hz rate usng the Qstar? I think the usb tool only works on PC so ill have to find one and check that out.

    Any thought to the bluetooth radio causing the slowdown as with my other App?
  • aolaol
    edited January 2018
    I think it's some incompatibility between the Qstarz device and Android bluetooth stack. I've seen this on many devices, once they exceed certain throughput (kbit/s) the problems start... That said, the Qstarz works in 10 Hz mode on some phones just perfectly so I don't know.
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