OBD-II disconnected when GoPro Session 5 recording is started

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  • I am also having problems with my OBD2 reader, where it connects then drops, then connects then drops again. Like everybody else torque pro worked. I did not have this problem before the recent update. 2009 Honda Civic Si KA5.
  • @dmitri_paul, which reader and which phone are you using? I will re-test here.
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    @aol , I have a Samsung S7 edge and a Panlong OBD2 Bluetooth reader. I have an update, it connects and get data from my OBD2 reader now, but when I start recoding video with my GoPro Session 5 it drops connection and will not reconnect unless I restart the app (this was not a problem before the recent update). It works great with the internal camera. The reason it was connecting but not getting data in the first place was a setting in Torque Pro app.
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    @dmitri_paul When you start recording video, it drops the connection to the Session 5 or to the OBD-II reader?
  • @aol It drops the OBD-II reader. Once I hit record, my Bluetooth on my phone actually goes on and off. So my OBD-II reader disconnects and any other Bluetooth device that is connected. As stated above, it only happens when I am using the session 5.
  • @dmitri_paul, ok thank you for the information, I will investigate.
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    I tested with following setup:

    - Latest RaceChrono Pro
    - Samsung Galaxy S6 with latest firmware
    - GoPro HERO 5 Session
    - OBDLink MX Bluetooth

    I cannot reproduce your problem. There is noticeable slowdown on the OBD-II connection, polling one channel goes down from 50 Hz to 35 Hz, but it never disconnects.

    I suspect there is some incompatibility with the OBD-II reader, and it makes the phone Bluetooth stack to crash. This is why you see the bluetooth icon disappear and reappear again.

    I'm rewriting the whole GoPro support for coming versions so this _may_ be fixed, even if I find a way to reproduce the issue.
  • @aol this did not happen on the last version of RC pro. I will wait for the next version then. Can I add the gopro video recorded independently later? For overlay?
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    Are you using any other app that uses Bluetooth at the same time? Also are you connected to Bluetooth handsfree at the same time. You could stop any other app, and disconnect unrelated Bluetooth devices...

    You can manually sync the videos later, there's couple of tutorials in the web site for that.
  • @aol I only have the RC pro app on. Bluetooth is connected to the OBD-II reader and my Samsung gear S2 watch. I will try and disconnect my watch and will post an update.
  • Ok, let me know.
  • @aol disconnected all other BT devices and still drops connection when the GoPro Session 5 connects.
  • OK. Can you loan another brand OBD-II Bluetooth reader to test? I'm suspecting your OBD-II reader is crashing the Bluetooth stack...

    There is new GoPro code coming maybe already in next version, so it maybe this gets fixed. But if it's the OBD-II reader that's somehow slightly incompatible with your phone, then it will not help...
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