Racechrono messed up a session?

last friday i had my usual trackday.
Everything went well with Racechrono pro and BT-Q1000eX except for one session which looks weird.
I will attach the file in a dropbox link so you guys can see.
Is there any chance i can fix this and get proper times?
Thank you.



  • Hi @giovannidicello, yep, that session is completely broken. Either your GPS is broken (or confused), or it outputs somehow incompatible NMEA to RaceChrono. Only way to figure out the problem is to enable "RaceChrono > Settings > Expert settings > Save device output". Then just share the session to me when you see the problem again.
  • Thanks buddy, you notice that one lap was calculated right but the other ones are all over the place. Speed seems to be alright though, no idea what happened there.
  • The GPS time is going wild, all other channels are fine. It _may_ be due to sentence corruption, but RaceChrono should be able notice that.
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