Can RaceChrono Pro do the following?

1) Get G force data from Vbox or similar devices
2) Get Engine data from OBD 2 devices
3) Get video data from GoPro and AUTOMATICALLY sync with data from other devices? The automatic part is what I am interested in. Is starting / stopping video recording be done using just the phone?
4) Can the recorded video be copied from GoPro to the phone using just the phone? Or should I use a USB cable?
5) Can the video with overlay be generated in the phone itself? Or do I have to use a PC?


  • 1) It _should_ be able to get the lateral and longitudinal G forces from VBOX Sport
    2) Yes
    3) Yes and Yes.
    4) Yes, on GoPro 4 Black, 4 Silver, Session (or 4 Session), 5 Session, 5 Black, 6 Black and HERO (2018)
    5) It can be only generated on the phone. Phones have better hardware for doing this anyways, because of the specialised camera hardware, not found on PCs.
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