Is performance tests possible?

Can this app do performance tests like (060 mph etc)? If not, if I pair it with a VBox device like VBOX sport which does no performance tests, can the data be imported to the RaceChrono app?


  • No performance tests currently on iOS or Android. I've been concentrated making the circuit racing functionality better.
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    Can the performance test results be imported from vbox sport just like g forces can be imported?
  • RaceChrono just imports data, and calculates lap times etc. from it. RaceChrono does not have performance testing features, so there's no easy way to view them. You can still open the data in graphs and sort of calculate the acceleration times from there yourself.
  • Ok.
    Any timeline?
    Just GPS alone is enough if it's greater than 20 hz. Vbox sport uses just GPS.
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