Newbie questions about the forum and video recording


Been a RC user on Symbian for many many years but went to a new track and couldn't figure out how to import the track to my old Nokia so switched to RC Pro on my Galaxy Note 8. Few questions...

First. Is there a way to search the forum? It doesn't show on the mobile website.

Second. Mixed results with recording video. Worked well on Friday on a test session. Clear day dry track. This video recording is an awesome improvement on my old app


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    Hmmm... Half my post disappeared... Bugger... Back to full site on my phone ..

    Anyway to continue, on the second day, video would cut off after 1 or 2 minutes.i waited in the paddock and started the recording just before we moved out. The video shows the first 1 or 2 minutes on track and then "video not available".

    I read somewhere that if there's no GPS fix RC would say video not available and yes grotty day, pouring rain, 100% cloud cover but GPS was fixed to 8 to 10 satellites and timing data is fine.

    Phone has loads of storage and is powerful enough. Weather too cold for it to be overheating or anything.

    What am I or RC doing wrong?

    Finally couple of UI niggles.

    Why do I have to choose the track every time I start a new session? I just chose it the track for the previous session. I know there are different layouts but why can't we just have the previous choice persist until the user changes it? Needless extra step that the old version could do automatically.

    Ditto for starting video. Can we please have video start recording automatically once the timer crosses the start line? With touch screen phones, I had to sit there on the dummy grid with the gloves off, just so I could swipe the screen and press the button to start video... Of course it then stopped recording anyway!
  • Oh I can see the search on the full page
  • If you go to video list for the session, what sizes and durations are the files? Are there just one file? Does it work better if you change "Settings > Expert settings > Camera API > Force API v2" ?

    Also please join the beta group, there's a new beta coming with plenty of fixes.

    UI issues noted, those have been on my TO-DO list for a while. Crossing start line for video start wouldn't work that well, for many situations, but maybe it should be started when you start moving.
  • They're only 59s, 2 min, and 0s... For what it is worth, the camera is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 running Android 7.1.1

    I'll set the Camera API > Force API v2 and try it in my daily tomorrow...

    I've got a race on Sunday, so it would be awesome if the video started working before then :wink:

    How do I join the beta group? I cannot seem to find.. :blush:
  • Generally speaking the recording works very well, on all of my 25 test phones, but the problem is that there's over 10000 android phones and I cannot buy or test them all.

    In your case I suspect some kind of malfunction with recording. Possibly reboot the phone when that happens. Also the v2 API should work better on some phones on the new beta that will be released today or tomorrow.

    Instructions to join beta are in FAQ.
  • Happy to report that the video recording works properly with the Camera API set to Force API v2. Now to read up on how to export sessions to PC and sync video to circuit tools :smiley:

    How do I compare a lap to the optimal lap? In the Symbian version I was able to choose a comparison lap from any other session and chose the optimal / best lap from the session.

    I can't seem to find a way to choose the optimal lap, even from the current session.
  • Good to hear v2 API works. I think I will make it a default in the near future for new phones. The optimal lap comparison is not available anymore, and it will need some major work to allow that. You can compare to the individual sectors in the optimal lap though.
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