GoPro 6 and 4k

Out using the GoPro, RaceChrono for the first time (with Galaxy S7). While I can watch the video on my computer and phone, I can't get it to show the video or sound in RaceChrono, and export won't work either.
Has anyone tried converting the video using HandBrake and then getting RaceChrono to take it and do the overlay? If yes, what were the settings? I am thinking Presets Fast 1080p30, using H.264 (x264) codex, AAC stereo.

My gopro settings were 4k, 30FPS, Wide (no hevc)


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  • Thanks for your help! BTW, i figured out a process using handbrake. It seems to work well.
    Download Handbrake (free software to convert format)
    Copy the files from GoPro to laptop
    Launch handbrake and add the video file
    Convert to 1080p. I used Preset: 1080p30
    Name the new file to be the same name as the original file
    Convert the file
    Put it on your phone (Android in my case)
    RaceChrono finds the video eventually
    Load it and convert
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