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Have bought pro but app won't upgrade

Have bought pro but app won't upgrade


  • I have bought the pro app on my OnePlus 5. I have an old Samsung Galaxy S3 on my bike logged in with same Google account as my OnePlus. I have tried several times to delete the app reset the phone and reinstall but no luck. I can see the pro-version purchase in my Google purchase history, but the s3 won't unlock pro features.
  • It's a bug in older RaceChrono, v5.1.4. There is fix to this in beta channel, v5.1.5. Instructions to join the beta group in the FAQ.
  • Thanks. I have now joined the group. But when I try to download the pro version, it wants me to pay for the pro version - again
  • aolaol
    edited May 2018
    You need to install the free version if you have purchased the "Pro upgrade" in-app-purchase for the free app. It will then upgrade automatically.

    If you purchased the separate RaceChrono Pro app, then Play Store will let you install it for free.

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  • Thank you. I installed the free beta version, and it upgraded to pro automatically :smile:
  • Great!
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