Two lap sprint

Is there any way of setting up the app for a 2 lap sprint? Both the start and the finish line ( which sre in different places) will be passed twice?


  • No way to do it currently, but there has been quite a few requests for this in the past too... Do you have any sessions recorded on such track, that you'd be willing to send to me? If you do share them to tracks(at) (as .rcz files).
  • Anglesey National MGOC Sprint. This is a two lap sprint so you leave the start line (the location of which I think is pretty accurate.) Do a complete circuit of the track to the finish line. The first time you cross the finish line you carry on to complete a second lap. The timing for the end of the sprint is the second time you cross the finish line.
    Unfortunately as I could not use Racechrono I was not too accurate setting up the start finish lines!
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    Similar case here in some sort. Two cars start at the same time on sprint course laid out on circuit and consisting of two laps - short one and long one. Each car passes start/finish line twice but with very different "laptimes". Final result is calculated as sum of both laps.
    I set up a track in RaceChrono placing some split times in spots unique for each of the laps hoping that it will count completed lap only when all splits are crossed properly, but it's not the case, unfortunately. Will send you the session file soon.
  • Hi @MAV, yep, you could use the "2-pass Finish line" here too. Although the laps would not be (very) comparable between left and right side circuits. But at least you'd get full lap times.
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