Track share error


I've been a pro user for some years now, and can't fault the app, its been great so far.

Well, today i wanted to share a track i made with two friends and both of them are getting same error when they try to open .rcz file (both are not Pro users if its somehow related, and i shared track via email), it opens racechrono, but immediately shows an error "Internal error. Please contact RaceChrono support if problem persist"

I'm sorry if its been asked before, but i couldnt find same issue here in discussions.


  • Can you send this .rcz file to me? To tracks(at)
  • Email sent,

    Later i downloaded free version on my other phone and made the same track there, shared again to friends by email, and it worked. So for me its fine now, maybe you can just check it for future and other users.

    Thanks anyway, and keep up the good work.
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