Network RTK with Skytraq NH-HP

I am trying to build a Network RTK system.

My specific doubt is - how to coordinate the raw data from all base stations at the central processing station and generate correction data?

I have Skytraq ns-hp modules and I was able to establish traditional RTK fix using 2 ns-hp modules (one configured as base and one as rover) using the inbuilt RTK functionality of ns-hp.

Now, I want to use a network of base RTK stations to get a RTK fix of my rover. I plan to use -

* 4 ns-hp modules as base stations, such that at least one base station is always within ~30 km of the rover
* 1 ns-hp module as RTK rover
* RPI zero W as a central processing station for the network
* RTKLIB on RPI for computation
* wireless communication (haven't decided how but probably 3G/4G)

The rover will send its ns-hp raw data to the central processing station, which will in turn coordinate with the base stations to generate correction data and send it back to the rover.

I wanted to know -
After collecting raw GNSS data from all the base stations and the rover on the central processing station how to compute the correction data?

I believe after I have the correction data, I can send it back to the rover and it can get a RTK fix using this correction data and its own GNSS raw data.

Now, I researched on the topic, and am familiar with a few methods of network RTK (eg - VRS, i-MAX, MAC), but that is not what I want to know.

Everywhere I searched, it was told to use the correction data provided by the local NTRIP provider, but as a RTK network isn't yet available in my country, and I, anyway, am using my own base stations; this information isn't relevant to me.


  • aolaol
    edited June 2018
    Sounds like interesting project, please let us know with further developments. This goes already beyond my knowledge, but it would be very interesting to learn more about this subject.
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