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Wonder if I am alone in having this issue - I compete in hillclimbs and sprints - which are often in wild and inaccessible places (well - inaccessible to phone signals !!! ) - and also I use RC pro on a tablet rather than a phone (so that I can actually SEE what it's saying :-) )... which does NOT have a sim card and hence isn't connected to anything (other than my GoPro and my GPS and my OBDII) - but the application KEEPS asking me to sign in to race chrono - which is fine when I'm at home - I KNOW you want to check that I really PAID for your fabulous piece of software - and I DID ( :-) )... but when I'm on the start line in the middle of nowhere it is NOT helpful to be asked to sign in to race chrono - I won't be able to do that till I get home again !!!!

Or - (and this is VERY possible...) amd I doing something wrong ?????????

V :-)


  • aolaol
    edited June 2018
    I’ve got one earlier complaint about this, it’s probably related to not having a sim card, and RaceChrono signs you out.

    1) Which tablet is it, and what Android version does it have?

    2) Do you sign in using Google account, or email + password?

    You can just ignore the ”Please sign in to My RaceChrono” for now, as it basically means nothing when you do not have internet connectivity. I will look to fix the issue.
  • @vasco, fixed in upcoming v5.4.2
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