Adding RPM and Throttle Position Gauge

Hi, I want to add throttle pedal position and RPM to the screen as a analog or visible reading. I have checked the boxes in the settings on the main screen. If I open a session and go to the Edit Overlay they are greyed out. If I touch the greyed out Throttle Position a dialogue box opens but the Pedal Position is still greyed out and the choices are move up, move down and delete.
I now realise that I cannot add to an existing session so how do I add these gauges before recording a session.
Do I have to add a OBD-11 reader and if so which BT reader do I select for a HT-06 BT module?
Thanks in advance


  • Hi @Hustler, the RPM and throttle position values need to be recorded through adding a OBD-II reader. The default setup will just use your phone's GPS to record data available through GPS, such as position, heading, speed and altitude.

    After recording your session, you can go to the session analysis (graphs) and you are able to select the RPM channel and throttle position channels to be displayed (from the graph settings), if they were successfully recorded.

    Once your session has RPM channel properly recorded, the RPM gauge will appear on the overlay automatically (as default). If you have deleted the gauge from the overlay, you can either reset the overlay from the editor, or add it again once you have successfully recorded the channel.

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