Loosing connection to Garmin Glo

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I am using Racechrono with my Galaxy S4 mini connected to a Garmin Glo for a few years now without any real problems.
But now i am facing the issue that the phone looses the connection to the Garmin Glo.
I haven't changed anything. Maybe it occured first after a recent update of racechrono but I'm not really sure about that.

Weirdly it only happens when I'm actually driving. I'm using it on my racebike and when waiting in the pit before the next stint it doesn't loose the connection. But when I start driving, sometimes after one Lap oder sometimes after ten, it looses the connection und just says "connecting to Garmin...".

I deleted the pairing from the phone to the Glo and paired it again. But with no real success. At first I thought it had helped but was then facing the same issue again.

In the years before facing this issue occured a message would pop up asking me if I wanted to pair with the Garmin glo everytime I started a new session in Racechrono. Then it was working fine. It doesn't do that anymore. No message. And now the problems.

I could provide a racechrono file in which the connection was lost if that helped.

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  • aolaol
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    Hi @s0nic Which Android version is it? I've got one more report of this happening on Samsung phones. I will have to do some testing etc. to see if it's just coincidence, or if there's something going on...
  • It's on Android 4.4.2
  • aolaol
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    Ok, so it's version, so operating system update cannot have broken it, as it haven't got any update since 2014 or so. After that happens, do you need to reboot the phone, or does restarting the session and turning the GPS back on fix it?

    I'm suspecting hardware failure on this one... I'm guessing the vibrations from your bike make make it appear only when riding. I will do more testing anyways on my devices.
  • It doesn't make a difference if I completely reboot the phone or not. Sometimes it records a full session and then it just breaks up after one or two laps.
    I can't figure out why it happens.
  • I have exactly the same problem. It works perfect last year and now loosing connection... Did you find solution?
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