RC with cached Google Maps

If you have the area of a circuit saved in Google Maps, will you be able to view the map (the satellite view of the area) with RaceChrono? I usually save the area before going to the track, in case I want to make and adjustment to a trap or add one.


  • Saving in Google Maps does not help in RaceChrono as these are separate apps without common storage. Browsing the map with RaceChrono will put some tiles to cache, but the user will not have control over it.
  • Will the map tiles stay in memory for a few days? Most places I stay to when I travel have WiFi now, s you can refresh or reload the maps every day in you need to, before you go to a track or record a session.
  • I would think so. But take in mind that the cache size is limited, so tiles can be thrown away. I'd recommend getting some cheap data plan, maybe prepaid, rather than doing balancing act relying in the cache...
  • Works fine. Look at the track location in rc via wifi and it stays. I run with no sim all the time.
  • My tablet has no "data plan" available.
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