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GoPro 4 and 5 Differences aside of resolution

Dear All, is there any difference between applications/capabilities between GoPro 4 and 5 (except resolution, of course) together with Racechrono Pro and Garmin Glo ? Thanks in advance for your answers!


  • Well, I'm not really an expert on the topic, but I have both GoPro 4 Black and GoPro 5 Black, and the obvious difference is that 5 has a display and much better user interface. GoPro 5 Black also has a build-in GPS and sensors. Notice the GPS cannot be used in RaceChrono as a "live" GPS, but in future you will be able to import the data embedded to the videos recorded with it.

    If you're talking the difference between GoPro 4 Session and 5 Session, then the most notable difference is that 5 Session crashes a lot less than the 4 Session :)
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