Using RaceChrono Pro for GLP Regularity Racing

Hi there,

I just bought RCPro and it looks awesome!

One question though:
Is it possible to define a master lap which all the following laps are being compared to?
As of now the app aims at improving laptimes by choosing the fastest lap as comparison by default.

I would like to define a certain lap, or maybe the first or a default lap time for a track, that I would have to try to match in each consecutive lap.

Is there a way to do that in the current version?

Thanks a bunch!



  • Hi, it is possible:

    1) Start a session
    2) Select the correct track
    3) Press the graph button on top of the screen, to get to the session overview
    4) On top of the (would be) lap list, there is a menu button. Select "Add reference lap" from that menu.
    5) You are given a choice of previously recorded sessions on the same track, you can select one, and a lap from it
    6) A reference lap is now added to your session, and it's automatically selected as comparison lap
    7) Now go back to the Live recording screen, and your lap delta is now compared to that selected reference lap
  • @madhat Note: this of course requires you to have a suitable reference lap already driven before starting the race.

    I'm planning a feature more suitable for GLP, that would allow certain lap or laps to be selected automatically as reference.
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