rc does not recognize the photo album "RaceChrono" / RC 5.4.6 / iOS 12.1


For the video overlay I want to connect an external video to the session. RC unfortunately does not recognize the photo album "RaceChrono". I created this album like in the tutorial and copied the video into the album. Unfortunately it is not shown to me. Am I doing something wrong or is there a trick?

Many thanks for your help


  • aolaol
    edited November 2018
    @keysersoze make sure RaceChrono has photos permission. You can check that in Settings > RaceChrono.

    If there's permission, but still the files do not appear, then try this:

    1) Remove or rename the RacecChrono album.
    2) Go to RaceChrono and record a short dummy session, with video using the internal camera.
    3) Go to the recorded dummy session, and open the video list.
    4) Select the overflow menu for the video file, and click "Move to Photos app" for it.
    5) RaceChrono creates album 'RaceChrono' and moves the video file to it. Now you should be able to move your files to it.
  • cool! that's it - it works ;-) - THX
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