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RaceChrono v6.0 beta for Android (beta feedback thread)

As Google+ is discontinued soon, please post your feedback for RaceChrono for Android beta versions here. Instructions on how to join the beta group:


  • aolaol
    edited May 13
    Hello dear testers! There is a new beta version (v6.0.0) in the Play Store! The new main features are Data import, Data backup/restore and Custom OBD-II PIDs. There are plenty of minor improvements and fixes too.

    Full change log:

    Tutorial on backup/restore feature:

    Reference for writing equations for custom OBD-II PIDs:

    Let me know how it works! Please give feedback either by reply to this thread, or contact through the feedback form in the support section of this website. All feedback is appreciated, but please contact especially if you see something wrong with it.

    Known issues so far: Some of the localisations still missing on some languages.

    iOS beta version may also be available for those who have been in contact with me before. Please contact me about that through feedback or just e-mail.
  • I have a problem when exporting, I get "Failed: Out of storage space" although I have plenty space. See pics:
  • @MagnusThome Apparently the problem is only when exporting backup, right? Does it happen at 100% or earlier?
  • I've only tried export. It fails at 100%
  • Apparently the backup crashes if you haven't touched the vehicle profile (in settings). Fixed in next build.
  • Ah, yes worked perfectly after adding some car info :-)

  • Hi!

    Great update finally!

    Still, I see a couple of issues with Renault RS Monitor import. I've been able to find what seem to be a brake pressure and gear number, but:

    1. The values remain zero despite the graph moves - looks like these need to be multi plied by something(100?) to achieve a precision

    2. Will you be able to name these values instead of considering them Analog-x?

  • Actually, it works if I pick DL-1 instead of Renault, the gear is handled correctly. But still no luck for the brake pressure

  • aolaol
    edited May 17
    @Rocas, thank you for the report, I will look in to this. Feel free e-mailing me that log file from Spa :)
  • aolaol
    edited May 17
    @Rocas looks like the RS / DL -1 imports got mixed up... I will switch them for next build. Which channel is the brake pressure? I can name it for the Renault RS import if I know which one it is. They are unnamed in the data format.
  • I've just sent you an email with the details and a link to the session file

  • aolaol
    edited June 4
    Split the discussion about custom PIDs to own thread:
  • edited June 7

    After downloading a few videos from Gopro Hero 7 Black I choose to exit that download/link page in RC but regardless if I reply yes or no to "Disconnect. Do you want to stop ongoing downloads and disconnect camera" I am stuck on this page. I need to kill RC to get out of there it seems? And AFAIK no download is half way, neither any ongoing or stopped (alll the videos have choices like delete, unlink and so on, none has "download" as option)

    v6.06 on Android

  • I'm on 6.0.10 but I don't see option to use Channel 1 video with Channel 2 audio during export. I'm using a GoPro 6 inside the car for video with an external mic clipped to the rear license plate and plugged in to the phone. I thought this was put on the roadmap over a year ago? Appreciate the continued development efforts.

  • @M3_Dude Unfortunately that is not yet a feature. It was put on my TO-DO list from where I pick features for my individual version roadmap. Unfortunately it hasn't got picked so far. I'll try to do my best to get this done at some point.
  • I have a strange problem with 6.0.10: When I start a new session from main screen and stop recording, I end back on the main screen and no new session appears in the sessions list and all data seem to be lost. I found no way to start a new session.

    This basic scenario worked fine with my backup phone with Racechrono which is a few months old.

  • Strange. Same problem appears in Pro 5.4.4 on my second backup phone tested with internal GPS. Last week I sucessfully created a new session with this phone as usual.

  • @_Ra_ Sorry for late answer. I didn't answer your message immediately when I read it, and then later thought I already answered...

    I've got couple of similar reports lately, and both of them has been WNRO issue with the GPS, with basically means wrong date reported by GPS. The new sessions got sorted at the end of session list and therefore were not immediately visible to the users.

    Here's the root cause and how to fix or "fix" it:

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