Suzuki SDS and Kawasaki KDS bus (was: Newbie question regarding bike OBD)



  • Hey @TriB sorry for my late response. I guess I wasn't following this post and missed that. I'll have to look into this! This summer I focused more on actually getting better at the track and less on the data logging since both my gopro's quit on me and I was waiting for some other sensors to come in.

    Did you do that map yourself from the link? Did you figure out all those PIDs by yourself? I believe you're the same TriB on the other forum where we talked a bunch about this in the past as well. I'll have to check there for updates as well.

    I bought mine on AliExpress as well. I can search for it in my purchases if you still need it but since this was a long time ago I won't bother unless you're still curious.
  • Hey @TriB so I've reread your post and taken some more time to reread a bunch on this stuff. It's been to long and I forget since this is only interest for me and not a day job so I have to reteach myself.

    Anyways, I don't have the SDS. I just bought the SDS connector to make a custom adapter. What did you use to take that screenshot?

    Also, how many DTC's have you uncovered? (Do you have a thread on it?) Are they all standard? What in that output relates exactly to the steering damper?? I can't remember if that was an actual output or just one where I changed a value to 96 for the purpose of discussion. In anycase, the location of that byte was just an example. I have a post titled "custom PID Clarifications (for 2013 suzuki gsxr 1000)

    Need to post there again though since for some reason my formula pid references have all changed!
  • Hi Michael,
    it was a combination from all of that in the past. I´ve found some informations on the ECU-Hacking Forum, which is now down :(
    Then I´ve found out many SID´s & PID´s myself. At the end, I borrowed a Healtech SDS and fulfilled my findings.
    I wrote several applications (ECU Emulator, Hex Viewer, etc) to not walk into the garage, all the time. And see what I´ve logged onto a SD card.
    That´s the source of the screenshot. All my findings in a single application ;)

    Now I got a cheap Ali-Diagnostic System, which is quite bad. But it shows how to read also Honda, Yamaha and several other manufacturers. And helped me to analyze my ABS, as well.

    For Kawasaki I was a bit lucky and I have all values an DTC available. But for Suzuki, I only have the DTC´s I found in several documents, free available.

    I will answer the technically and programming questions on the Arduino forum, to keep things clean, here.
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