Racechrono Pro beta v6.0.6 with Garmin .fit issue

I notice recently release claim could import Garmin virb camera GMatrix file(.fit).

But I can’t import sucessfully.

Check picture.


  • Can you send that .fit file to me so I can test it? Email it to tracks(at)racechrono.com

    Which camera model is it from?
  • Hi @aol , my camera is Garmin virb ultra 30.

    But I have link Garmin GLO2 with cam via BT. Not sure for reason.

    The .fit file has attached.


  • Ok, I have that camera, but haven't linked it with GLO2 myself, only OBD-II. I'll test your file.
  • aolaol
    edited June 2019
    @wayne0411 The way the GPS data is stored to the .FIT file is completely different compared how it would be when using the internal GPS on the camera. I will not consider this a bug, but rather a new feature idea. For now this use case is not supported.
  • Hi @aol. Today I try garmin cam built-in gps‘s .fit file, It‘s works!

    Amazing! The device update rate success to avg 5hz max 12hz!


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