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Club Motorsports

Any plans to support this popular new track in NH, USA?

I can export some clean lap data if helpful.

Google maps:

Club Motorsports
NH-25, Tamworth, NH 03886
(603) 986-9802


  • aolaol
    edited July 11
    Did you already submit the track to the track library? I'll make official any track that looks permanent, and is properly named and has start/finish line and splits at sensible places.

    You can send any lap data to tracks(at) :)
  • Just submitted it. I made my own start finish line and sectors. I couldn't find the official ones in time for the event.

  • aolaol
    edited July 11
    And I've made it official! I've just added description and made the traps wider, so that the track will work with very bad GPS data too.
  • Now that's what I call customer service! Gracias.

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