Last attempt to get some help before I delete the app and look for an alternative

Can anyone out there help me with linking a Video to a session. I have an OBD MX+ Blutooth device, and a go pro 5. I have the sessions from a recent visit to Cadwell park on my IPhone. I have the videos that I want to link on my IPhone. I have imported them int the Raw Video folder in race Chrono. When i go into the video I can see it above the session data but the app wont let me link the video. When i click on it where I should see link video, I can see it says link after but this is grayed out so you cant click on it.

I've tried everything I can think of. I've watched the tutorial video many times but the screen on the tutorial is not what I see on my phone so its no help.

Any advise or help would be appreciated


  • aolaol
    edited July 2019
    I agree the video synchronisation tutorial was in need of update. The video was from older version, but usually people could see through the visual differences, as the "beef" was still the same. Anyways I've updated the guide for latest version, and also added some information about the automatic synchronisation feature:
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