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I started doing HPDE track events this year and would like to start getting some videos to help improve. I read the FAQs and it seems that the recommended devices would be to get a Dual XGPS160 and OBDLink MX+ (luckily I already have the latter). What is the best setup for this? Should I mount the external GPS on the roof with Velcro straps, or will it be fine Velcro taped on the dash or windshield?

I also heard that the newer iPhones (7 and up) with image stabilization will result in shaky video on a RAM suction mount. If I decide to use a GoPro instead, does the phone still need to be mounted somewhere, or can I just sync all 3 devices (GPS, OBD, GoPro) to RaceChrono, and hit start/record, and then put the iPhone in my pocket or armrest? Can the GoPro be controlled wirelessly (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?) via the app while connected to the XGPS160 (Bluetooth?) and OBDLink MX+ (Bluetooth?)?


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    1) GPS mounting: It may require couple of attempts to get best quality, but usually on dash near windshield works. It should have best quality on the roof, but I think it will shorten the life of the receiver, and might not be a practical solution.

    2) iPhone cameras, you're right iPhone built-in cameras are not great due to vibration and the rolling shutter. You'll get footage that is usable for analysis etc. but not something you want to publish to large audiences. The action cam image stabilisation often have same problems, but at least with them they are digital and can be turned off, at least on GoPro 7. The extent of the problem also depends on the nature of vibration on your vehicle. I've rarely had any problems with street cars, but plenty on motorcycles and race cars.

    3) XGPS160 and MX+ is a great combo in my opinion. Sometimes connecting XGPS160 can be a bit tricky depending on firmware version, and you may need to do update on it. But end of the day it's a good receiver...

    4) GoPro can be controlled remotely by RaceChrono, even when devices 3) are connected. The protocol is reverse engineered, and all GoPro's are a bit buggy so this doesn't work 100% of time. Nowadays I just recommend the GoPro manually started and stopped without connection to RaceChrono, as there is automatic sync feature for files with embedded GPS data (your GoPro needs to have GPS for this). It's all described here: . Some people still like the remote control feature, so I guess it's worth trying anyways :)

  • Thanks! So using all 3 devices (XGPS160, OBDLink MX+, GoPro 7) means that the iPhone does not have to be mounted anywhere, right?

    Using manual recording with the GoPro 7, and automatic sync, does it often require fine tuning the sync during rendering? Seems like that adds an onerous extra step to the whole workflow that I’d like to avoid if possible.

  • Usually the sync created by "remote control" feature takes more fine tuning than the "automatic sync" based on the GPS data embedded to the GoPro files. So there's fine tuning step on both scenarios.
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    You can place a small small magnet on the iphone near the camera to make the video much improved!! Google this:

    iphone video magnet image stabilization

    Result example:
  • BTW, this optical stabilisation issue seems to have been fixed on iPhone 11 Pro. Picture using the using the normal angle lens seems to be much better than on iPhone X. The 11 Pro also has wide angle lens which seems also stable (iPhone X does not have this).
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