Connecting GoPro Hero 3+ Am I missing something?

Hi all. This is one of those moments in which I feel dumb. I mean I succeeded in Copying a video taken with a unpaired Gopro to the phone, linking and syncing it.
But I can't do what should be far more easier: importing in my session a video take with a paired gopro. I pair the camera. I take the video inside the session. In the page of "linked videos" I see the placeholder of the gopro video. Then I copy the video on the phone and... nothing happens. The linked empty placeholder is still here. And the copied video from the gopro is there, unlinked, so I'm supposed to erase the placeholder and to link and sync the video manually. It shouldn't work like this, I'm afraid. Am I missing something? Thank you for you help.


  • If the placeholder has a file name: Copy video file with this name. It should resolve and the video list should show a thumbnail for it, if you copied it to right place.

    If the placeholder does not have a file name: Use the rename function from the context menu, and rename it to what ever the name of your copied video file is.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I'm afraid it doesn't work. I copied it with the right filename, and (I suppose) in the right place (which should be the RaceChrono album). I see the video, but still unlinked.
  • Can you send me screenshots of the placeholder AND the actual video in the list (as it appears there if you copied to right place)? You can email them to me tracks(at)
  • Thank you for your kindness! Unluckily I've just deleted the videos from my phone, due to space... I'll try again with my next driving session, if I'll experiment the same trouble, I'll surely report it to you! Thanks again
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